The first step in any e-discovery project should be an accurate inventory of the files contained within the media. Our tools allow you to see what it is you’re up against before determining what data is relevant to your case and necessary to produce. Time being money, the savings from a preview look at the available data could be worth a considerable amount to you and your client.


For those of us old enough to remember hand-stamping, label application and the many challenges those processes represented, automated, software-based image endorsing and numbering has to be one of the greatest developments since…well, the Bates stamper.

Once only the dream of overburdened support staffs, OCR has finally evolved into a nearly-elegant and dependable resource. Our OCR engines run at ever-increasing speeds and our staff has access to multiple arrays of processing machines, accelerating this batch process to meet and, if necessary, surpass our output in imaging and electronic discovery. Other service bureaus have utilized our excess capacity to support their clients’ needs.

Linked to their original images and as searchable as coded data, indexed information via OCR becomes a virtually seamless transition between text and image files. And, adding color-highlighting via your preferences for relevancy directly on your images, you can fully leverage the ultimate combination in viewing and searching cabilities available on the market today. It’s hard to describe just how powerful this combination of tools can be, so give us a chance to demonstrate it for you.

We work to your requirements for distribution of images and associated files. Creating load files in standard or custom configurations is a standard part of our service, whether you have a need only for a single import or multiple load files for different applications used by co-counsels, experts, the courts or other entities. Our .tif files and other data are readily converted to file-naming conventions of your choice. Of course, we test each load file or export before delivering it to the end user to guarantee the accuracy of our work.
As an option, we can provide your files using the IPRO Viewer at no additional charge. IPRO allows users to view, search, annotate and highlight images via text searches, all from the media we create. There is no need for additional software or expense. Truly a service that sets us apart from virtually any competitor, IPRO will amaze you with its power and versatility, for free! Ask other service bureaus if they offer a competitive advantage to match IPRO. We’re confident that, if you compare our viewer with others, you’ll quickly become a loyal IPRO user.
Paper may never be completely removed from litigation projects, and we’re ready to print your images with document breaks to match the electronic collection. Using our array of high-speed printers, we can rapidly turn images into paper copies, delivered or shipped anywhere in the world.
Q&C can work with you to provide your imaged and e-discovery date to web-based hosting and collaboration services of your choice. Our many years of experience in imaging and, in some cases, direct involvement in software application development for internet repositories has allowed us to become familiar with all the popular litigation-specific internet repositories. In such cases, our work will be all but transparent to the end user.

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