Buying software and labeling yourself as an expert in electronic discovery processes is really pretty simple. Actually performing those processes and discovering what might not be obvious to the untrained eye…well, that’s a little different.


The first step in any e-discovery project should be an accurate inventory of the files contained within the media. Our tools allow you to see what it is you’re up against before determining what data is relevant to your case and necessary to produce. Time being money, the savings from a preview look at the available data could be worth a considerable amount to you and your client.

We can provide inventories to you as hard copy reports, digital files or, on-line. You and your trial team can simply use check boxes to tell us what to produce. Of course, we’ll be happy to supply you with a complete data set if that better suits your needs.


After an inventory and review, if you choose to take that step, we can convert the selected files to .tif, process them according to your individual needs (indexing, endorsing, numbering, etc.) and build appropriate load files for export to your document or case management database. Your data will arrive ready to import and seamlessly integrate into any existing database or a new case.


After the creation of .tif files, images can (via batch processing) be endorsed with ‘Confidential’ ‘Produced under protective order’ or any other text notation(s). They can also be numbered for indexing purposes. Endorsements and numbers are burned permanently into the image, although subsets can be created and renumbered at any point after endorsing. Human error is removed as machines provide the “manpower” and reliability required for fast turnaround of large collections.


OCR isn’t necessary for full-text retrieval of electronic discovery content. Most users find our ability to automatically extract the text and metadata and associate those with the converted images to be a significant help when reviewing electronic files in IPRO or other popular litigation support databases.


We encourage you to take advantage of our ability to provide you, free of charge, the IPRO runtime viewer. IPRO can run from a CD or DVD (without installing additional software) and is a very powerful viewing/reviewing tool. It’s simple to use and provides you a means to distribute images and data to co-counsel, experts or anyone else you choose.


We’ll create load files to your specifications, providing you with data ready for immediate import into any document management, database or trial presentation product you choose. Whether your need is for a standard or custom-configured load file, we’ll make sure it’s correctly produced and checked before handing it over to you.


Paper may never be completely removed from litigation projects, and we’re ready to print your images with document breaks to match the electronic collection. Using our array of high-speed printers, we can rapidly turn images into paper copies, delivered or shipped anywhere in the world.

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